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Event Coordinator Wanted!

We are searching for a talented and motivated Event Coordinator to organize outstanding and unforgettable  Community Events.


You will be responsible for every part of event preparation and execution.  As the Event Coordinator, you should be well-organized, have excellent communication and attention to detail skills.


  • Host a community event or hunt at least one time per month.

  • Liaise with the neighboring club on all event planning and execution.

  • Locate and book entertainers/DJ's when applicable.

  • Keep the community owner informed of event ideas, and progress.

  • Advertise the event through various SL channels

  • Manage all event set-up, tear down and follow-up processes.

  • Conduct final inspections on the day of the event to ensure everything is ready.

  • Assess an event’s overall success and suggestions for improvements.

If you feel you are the right person for this job, please fill out the following application!

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