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The Blind Pig Music Co. and

PHC Community Center

Community Events Welcome!

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Have you been down to the Bayou yet?


The Bling Pig Music Co. is the place you want to be!

Established in 2007, we have the best parties in SL, with the best DJs, and the best maids to clean up after us!

Adjoining The Blind Pig Music Co. is the Peace Haven Communities Community Center.

After dancing and all night at the Blind Pig, come and relax by the pool, the beach, or take a load off by visiting the Community Centers Piano Bar.  Enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail of you choice! 

While you are there, hop on an inner tube and and try out our "Toob" Racing Track.  Be careful of those noobs in the water!  Wow, tired again?  Back to Pub for another cocktail!

The Community Center is available free of charge for event and parties.  Please Contact Frenchi Honey or Keera Woyseck (who will contact Frenchi Honey) if you would like to plan an event.

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While everyone claims to have the best club in SL,

The Blind Pig actually IS the best club.

We're are laid back, we have no expectations, we just ... are.


We play good music, we have contests, and theme nights, trivia, bingo - you name it.


The atmosphere is good - a banjo playing gator and flying pigs who are slippery little suckers and difficult to catch, and just a good bunch of people who like to relax, drink a little, and have fun.


You have to try it to understand it - come and check it out for yourself. Go on, get a little pork on your fork!

Opens every day at 6pm SLT, but you are free to come and dance anytime!

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