Peace Haven Communities

Rent with Confidence!
Serving Second Life® Since 2006!
Why Pay More for Less?

  • Parcel, chat and voice privacy

  • Preinstalled person security system

  • Optional adult animated furniture, set up by the room, de-rezz to use your own furniture. Please be aware that the optional adult furniture counts against your Li/prim count

  • Dance pole, containing both couples and singles dances

  • Texture changing walls, over 50 textures to choose from!

  • Tintable Windows

  • Texture changing rugs and pictures

  • Television, auto updating radio

  • Most are waterfront or water view

  • Every house is an original build!

  • Pay by the day or week

  • Automatic group invite upon paying, no waiting to move in!

  • Personal one on one support, IM us, we DO NOT use a ticket system!

Our Housing offers:

Housing Rentals

Why Pay more for Less?
Peace Haven Communities
Nice Places, Good People!

Starting at L$85 per week

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