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Land Rentals

Full and Homestead Regions

Rent with confidence!  Peace Haven Communities has been serving Second Life® since 2006

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Homestead and Full Region land available!

  • Full Regions are residential and light commercial (sorry no clubs allowed)

  • Homestead Regions are RESIDENTIAL only!

    What is the difference between a Homestead Region and a Full Region?


    • Linden Labs® Charges about 60% MORE per land impact/prim for it!

    • A Homestead Region has the same land mass as a Full Region but only 1/4 the land impact.

    • A Homestead Region is only 1/4 as "strong" as a Full Region.  Linden Labs® puts 4 Homestead Regions to 1 CPU, where as they only run 1 Full Region per CPU.  To translate that.. 4 Homesteads are run by 1 brain, where as a Full Region is one brain for one region.

Unlike many other land companies, for the above reasons we restrict the use of Homesteads to residential only.  We do this because, homes use normally runs less scripts than shops, clubs, breeder farms and other commercial establishments.  


This gives you practically Lag free home.

Our Land offers:

  • Full Regions are priced at L$1 per 1 Li

  • Homestead Regions are priced at L$1.59 per 1 Li

  • Full Owner Rights, after renting, the land will be set in your name to buy for L$0.  After purchasing the land, you can keep it in your name or deed to your own group.

  • All Lands are Ocean front!

  • After paying the 1st week, you then have the option of paying by the day.

  • Personal one on one support, IM us, we DO NOT use a ticket system!

Why Pay more for less!

Peace Haven Communities,
Nice Places, good people!

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